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WinRisk is a highly specialised provider of Risk Management, Analytics, Trade Administration and Compliance solutions within the commodity market. Our core strengths are built on a comprehensive knowledge of Risk Management and an understanding of how the application of technology, within Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), can be leveraged to improve business decisions.

Supplying technology and services to over 30 clients, WinRisk is a credible choice when reviewing any part of your trading or risk management functions.

Risk Management Experts

Industry adopters...

  • LME Category 1,2 & 4
  • Freight Trading
  • Metals Trading
  • Hedge Fund
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Risk Analytics delivered across the trading floor within seconds, empowering users to perform a range of trading strategies, option pricing, analyse 'real-time' P&L, exposure and what-if analysis. Dealer Cards provide a range of powerful configurable representations of cards, dynamically adjusted as positions move. Full drill down capability to view the underlying trades, standard facilities include the ability to calculate VaR per dealer card.

Options and Average pricing offers considerable flexibility to price, both standard options (TAPO�s and Traded) and OTC options, employing an advanced option strategy analyser central within the solution.
  WinRisk's flagship Enterprise Risk Management provides in-depth Value at Risk (VaR) using Historical Simulation or Monte-Carlo methodologies. VaR can be applied to a mixed book of asset classes, currencies and interest rates, providing essential clarity through its analysis services for determining volatility associated to the portfolio(s) and its constituent parts.

P&L management analyses the daily P&L attribution across the portfolio supporting drill-down analysis at all levels, from the overall company position through to the individual portfolio's and the underlying trades.
  WinRisk�s derivatives trade administration solution has been specifically designed to meet the needs of those active in the commodity trading environment using the derivatives markets as part of their trading or risk management activities.

Traded instruments include Forwards, Futures, Vanilla Options, Exotic Options (such as daily, binary, digital, knock in/out and spread options).

Compliance trading rules are simple to configure, against which trades/positions are continuously monitored to ensure that the handling and conclusion of the trade has been in conformity with the rules and guidelines laid down firstly by the Compliance Department, secondly by Exchanges Compliance Department and thirdly by the FSA.